U.S. Navy SEAL

A pyrographic tribute to the U.S.Navy SEALs
9.5 by 13 inch plaque. Currently on display at the Navy UDT-SEAL Museum, Ft. Pierce, FL.


RobC said...

Dan, your stuff is beautifull!
Keep it up and keep posting the pictures.

RobC said...

Dan... hope you do not mind but I have pinched "Navy Seal" to use for an Independence Day tribute to all you Yanks...
Hope you all have a good day!

Moni said...

Just found your site. Your work is inspiring, varied and interesting. Wood is a medium I am familiar with as my father was a shop teacher and a craftsman. Thank you for continuing a traditional style.

Also, thank you for honoring our troops. I have 4family members currently active and 2 inactive.

I will be passing on your site to those I think may be interested.

Blessings, Moni