Country Themed Amish Built Cabinet

Amish built pine cabinet for artist's home kitchen

Right door close-up. Click to enlarge

Middle door close-up. Click to enlarge

Right door close-up. Click to enlarge


HiddenTalent007 said...


Robin said...

I am picking my jaw up off the computer. Wowzer!

Janet said...

What are the sources for the originals?

bspinner said...


Roberto said...

Wonderful art!! Do you take orders for custom art??

Dan said...

roberto, thank you for taking time to view my blog. yes i do take custom orders.

Providence Acres Farm said...

Wow! Your work is fantastic! You have been blessed with a lot of talent!

I loved looking at your artwork! It's beautiful! You are very good with people and have captured the expressions perfectly!

I am always impressed with artists who can do people as well as you can. I specialize in wildlife and stillife paintings, not having ventured into the realm of people very often.

I LOVE your work!

Megan said...

LOVE your work! I recently started in the world of Pyrography - I know I got a long way to go. But really, nice work. I'd love it if you could follow my work as well: http://nauticalowl.blogspot.com/

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing more of your pieces :)